Top 10 Best Free Android Apps

Let’s be honest, I’ve never seen anyone being loyal to a specific brand when it comes to mobile apps. And even though apps are small tools that help us live our lives a little better, we tend to change them more often than we would like to admit.

With all of the eagerness, comes the need to find out about the newest app at the party. And we are going to dive into the top 10 best free android apps you should be downloading right now.

1. PaperSplash

If you are a true fan of Unsplash then this app is for you. It’s very similar in features and its overall purpose is similar as well. PaperSplash shows no ads and offers users a clean interface. It also doesn’t display unnecessary features.

2. Fluent Forever

Millennials are all about learning a foreign language. Fluent Forever is an easy, free way to learn the lingo. Learn anything from Spanish, Russian, Italian and French. Users can choose a starting level, watch videos and test your ability to spell the words you learn.


App developer Jawomo took the time to develop an app that is a must in my arsenal. This app uses the Always on Display screen of your Android so that you never miss notifications.

4. Split Screen Launcher

It’s all about productivity for me. So having the Split Screen Launcher on my phone is a must. This app is a simple app which launches two apps on a split-screen. All of this is done at the same time.

5. AEGIS Authenticator

If you are like me, then you use two-factor authenticators. AEGIS Authenticator is the alternative to Google authenticator and comes with an encrypted vault where all of your tokens and passwords can be stored.

6. Live Transcribe

Easily translate speech to text. This app is specifically for people who need to copy transcribed text into another app for usage.

7. Shade Launcher

If you are an app lover like myself, then you know about Rootless launcher. The shade launcher is very similar. It’s all about a clean interface, with feed overlay, and adaptive icon packs. The best thing about this app is that you can categorize the app draw.

8. Music Editor

There are tons of apps on the Play Store but this music editor is my favorite. I trim and merge audio for all of my projects. I enjoy the fact that the entire interface is flat and simple. It’s not overly complicated and it’s extremely easy to use.

9. Jotform

Form creation is important if you are trying to rally up a group of people. I work a lot from my android which means that I need the right apps. Jotform allows me to customize and create a booking, or questionnaire forms right from your phone.

10.Enlight Pixaloop

There are many times when I take pictures that turn out pretty bland due to bad lighting. Enlight Pixaloop brings life to every picture I take. I can add amazing video motions, as well as cool effects With the anchor, path and freeze tools, you can enhance your photos without the grainy outputs or poor GIF. With the self-help tutorials, there is no way you can’t become an amazing image editor.

There is no need to choose between any of these apps. There is literally room for every single one. And the only real way to find your favorite is to try them all.