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Favorite Google Watch Apps

The smartwatch has come a long way since it’s initial introduction into our lives. It is no longer merely just a timepiece that also happens to be able to make phone calls and sync with your mobile calendar. It is fast becoming a necessary addition to our arsenal of daily tech items required to get us through the day. With the right apps, not only can it help our day run more seamlessly, but it can make our smartphones work a lot more efficiently, as well.

From our daily commute to and from work to a last minute trip to the grocery store, we can end up putting a lot of strain on our devices and the addition of a few great apps can really benefit your productivity as well as your overall enjoyment of these devices. To help you out, I’ve put together a list below of some of my favorite Google Watch apps.

Google Maps

Source: Google Play

For most people, this will be one of your most used apps. From getting directions to meeting up with your friends to checking out what the neighborhood has to offer in terms of food and entertainment, this app packs a lot of great information into a tiny package on your wrist.

Wear Casts

Source: Google Play

If you have a long commute or even if you just have some spare downtime, listening to podcasts can really help the time go by while learning something new or just getting a good dose of entertainment in before you go back to your routine. This app is great and lets you download content for use offline, as well, which will greatly help with your battery’s longevity throughout the day.

Gesture Launcher

Source: Google Play

This one I don’t hear about often, but it’s a super fun shortcut app and can save you some time. The way it works is that you will draw a symbol on your watch face to open up whichever app that symbol represents. For example, if you want to record a quick memo you can draw the letter R to open up the app. This is especially useful in situations where you don’t really want to use the voice assistant but you also want to quickly access an app.


Source: Google Play

So you’re heading home and forgot to pick up that last ingredient in tonight’s dinner when you did the grocery shopping earlier in the week. No big deal, except you also forgot your store saver card. With this app you can store your savings and rewards cards right on your watch. As an added bonus, you’ll look like a time traveler every time you use your watch to pay or use this app to access your rewards card!

Find My Parked Car

Source: Google Play

Being in such a rush to get to the grocery store to pick up that radish for tonight’s stir fry, you forgot where you parked the car! Well fear not, because you have your smart watch and the Find My Parked Car app. Technology really makes life a breeze, doesn’t it.

What are you waiting for? Give these apps a try and join us in the future already! The great thing is that these are just some of the apps out there, there’s even more that can help depending on your needs. What are some of your favorite apps for your smartwatch?