Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

Apps, knowledge and games are always available at the palm of your hand. Whether it’s your tablet, phone, or laptop, you can always stay connected. Tablets are on the rise to replace laptops because of their size, portability, and they have all the functions of a laptop with some having added features laptops don’t have, like the ability to make calls, texts, or use voice control.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is a great option for those that want to take their technology on the go or even replace their laptop. It has a 10.5 in display which is perfect for bringing it virtually anywhere. The Samsung brand is also a well known and trusted brand when it comes to quality with tablets. Listed below are the additional features it has that just might have you replacing your laptop by the end of this article.

Price: $547.99 for 64GB and $647.99 for 256GB

Features: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has the ability to transfer your tablet into a mini laptop with the additional purchase of a keyboard cover. This will allow you to attach your tablet to a physical keyboard, but you will still be able to use the touch screen features. This is ideal for business professionals and students who don’t want to carry around a bulky laptop. It comes with an ‘S’ pen for use instead of using your fingers on the touch screen. This tablet has far-field mics to listen to and respond to your voice even when you’re far away. Voice-controlled option so you are able to play music, get the weather, make calls just by talking.

10.5 in display with 16:10 ratio and super AMOLED, making for a clear, vibrant, and crisp picture. Fast charging option and up to 16 hours on a single full charge (battery life will depend on usage). Smart control feature that controls your house from your tablet. You can control lights, locks, temperature, and even receive security alerts. Take pictures with the 13MP camera. The choice to purchase the 64GB or 256GB of internal memory that can be expanded to 400GB with external storage or microSD card. Cinematic surround sound with Dolby Atmos and 4 mini internal speakers. The ability to print from the tablet with the PrinterShare app. It comes with Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc). Currently runs on Android 8.0 and Oreo, but can be upgraded as new software updates come out.

There are many options out there when it comes to tablets. High end and low end on price scale and quality. When it comes to buying electronics, sometimes the more expensive option isn’t always the most reliable option. However, choosing to purchase from a more well-known brand revered for its quality like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, is the smart option. It may seem pricey, but the quality and versatility measures up to the price point.

5 Best Java Courses

In today’s world, technology rules. The first step to become part of this world is by learning to code. While some may feel coding is too advanced for what they need, it can be useful in many ways. Learning doesn’t have to be so difficult either when there are many classes available that can help break down the confusing coding language, in a way you can easily understand.
Learning to code can open the door for promotions at work, provide some with a completely different career path, learn how certain programs work, and even develop your own apps. There are many classes out there for those who are interested in coding. Below is a list of some of the best Java programs offered both for a price and for free.

Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers At Udemy

Students enrolled: 357, 300
Instructors: Tim Buchalka, Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, and Goran Lochert

This course is ideal for those who want to build on their Java skills, pass an oracle Java exam, learn Java in order to create your own apps or even gain the skills you may need to secure a promotion. You will also learn Java 8 and 11. This course is also highly rated as being one of the best Java tutorials around. It includes over 78 hours of lectures, 36 coding practices, 5 articles, lifetime access to the course and any updates it receives, and a certificate of completion. It costs $149.99 for this masterclass.

Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming At Udemy

Students enrolled: 2,719
Teachers: Stone River eLearning

This intermediate and advanced class builds on the basic Java skills you already acquired. This course will also teach you how to build your own Java based apps. You’ll learn how to object orient program and how to implement the basic Java skills into the real world. It includes 4 hours of lectures, 13 downloadable resources, articles, lifetime access to the course and any updates, and letter of completion. It costs $20 for the course.

Introduction to Java Programming- Part 1 At edX

Students enrolled: N/A
Teachers: Ting-Chuen Pong, Leo P M Fan, and Tony W K Fung

This course will provide you with a basic understanding of Java. It uses pictures to illustrate certain concepts, making it easier to remember. It will also provide you with the knowledge to write programs using various ways. For example, variables, data abstraction, loops, and arrays are some of the techniques you’ll learn. This course is offered for free, but for $99 you can obtain a certificate for a job. It runs for 5 weeks and is done at your own pace with very little effort a week.

Java Programming Basics At Udacity

Students enrolled: N/A
Teachers: Cezanna Camacho and Asser Samak

This course provides you with knowledge of how Java syntax works. This concept helps with learning how to make your own apps. It even teaches you how to use Intellij, a program that developers use. This will show you how to debug and build your code. You’ll learn how Java tracks information through certain concepts. It includes quizzes, a support community for students, is done at your own pace, and lasts about 6 weeks long. It’s also offered for free.

Intermediate Java Programming At ed2go

Students enrolled: N/A
Teachers: Michael Hall

This course will allow you to expand your Java programming knowledge. It helps with writing programs and how to save data. It also teaches you how to create GUI applications. Throughout the course, you will create your own applications by using the concepts taught to you. This course is offered for $149 for both the self-paced lectures and the instructor-led lectures. It has up to 24 course hours and takes about 6 to 12 weeks for completion.

More good resources to learn about Java programming:

While picking the right Java coding class can seem difficult, the most basic ones will help break down programming language in a way that you can understand. From there, you will be able to move on to the more advanced classes and really dive into the coding world. This can create new opportunities both professional and personal.

Everything You Need to Know About Faceapp

Technology has its way of creeping into my life without permission. Whenever I come across a fun new app, I get this thrill that I can’t explain. That is exactly how I feel about Faceapp.

Faceapp is an artificial intelligence app that allows you to do some crazy things to your face!

What is Faceapp?

All over my Twitter feed, I kept seeing trending topics that talked about Faceapp. Me being curious, I had to try it out.

First thing’s first, Faceapp is a free mobile app available in the Google Play and Apple App Store. It uses neural face transformation to makes alterations to your face. These alterations can be hilarious, creepy, weird but very realistic.

Faceapp has been reviewed over 200,000 times and is rocking with a 4.7 rating.
Even though Faceapp was introduced to the world in 2017, the technology continues to be updated giving users an even more realistic experience.

The app can use a snapped picture or use photos from your library. If you’ve ever heard of Prisma then you understand just how Faceapp works. It uses server-side technologies to process your images into amazingly crazy filters.

Every photo that is ever morphed through Faceapp is uploaded to Faceapp’s server, which has driven security concerns. Luckily for me, I have yet to experience any security breaches on my end.

How Does Faceapp Work?

When you first download Faceapp you will have to give permission for it to access your photos. It will also have access to refreshing in the background so even while you aren’t utilizing the app, it will be running in the background.

It never seems to interfere with the functioning of my phone so I can’t say I’ve had any issues with it running.

Faceapp offers a ton of morphing features, all you have to do is play around with them.
In the free version, users can change their faces, add smiles, change genders, and change their hair color. If you want more features, you will be expected to upgrade to a paid version of Faceapp.You’re also able to make yourself older, which is my favorite out of all the other filters.

My Experience with Faceapp

I’m not a fan of outlandish apps but Faceapp is one app that I genuinely enjoy using because it allows me to see another version of myself.

It almost feels as if I’m a CIA agent trying to find someone who is years older. Even when filters are added, my face still looks human. I think that is what makes Faceapp such an amazing app because it changes how you look without changing your facial features.

Although it’s not an app that I use every day,I definitely find myself using it whenever I need a laugh. It’s an app that’s entertaining, and almost borderline addictive.

Top 10 Best Free Android Apps

Let’s be honest, I’ve never seen anyone being loyal to a specific brand when it comes to mobile apps. And even though apps are small tools that help us live our lives a little better, we tend to change them more often than we would like to admit.

With all of the eagerness, comes the need to find out about the newest app at the party. And we are going to dive into the top 10 best free android apps you should be downloading right now.

1. PaperSplash

If you are a true fan of Unsplash then this app is for you. It’s very similar in features and its overall purpose is similar as well. PaperSplash shows no ads and offers users a clean interface. It also doesn’t display unnecessary features.

2. Fluent Forever

Millennials are all about learning a foreign language. Fluent Forever is an easy, free way to learn the lingo. Learn anything from Spanish, Russian, Italian and French. Users can choose a starting level, watch videos and test your ability to spell the words you learn.


App developer Jawomo took the time to develop an app that is a must in my arsenal. This app uses the Always on Display screen of your Android so that you never miss notifications.

4. Split Screen Launcher

It’s all about productivity for me. So having the Split Screen Launcher on my phone is a must. This app is a simple app which launches two apps on a split-screen. All of this is done at the same time.

5. AEGIS Authenticator

If you are like me, then you use two-factor authenticators. AEGIS Authenticator is the alternative to Google authenticator and comes with an encrypted vault where all of your tokens and passwords can be stored.

6. Live Transcribe

Easily translate speech to text. This app is specifically for people who need to copy transcribed text into another app for usage.

7. Shade Launcher

If you are an app lover like myself, then you know about Rootless launcher. The shade launcher is very similar. It’s all about a clean interface, with feed overlay, and adaptive icon packs. The best thing about this app is that you can categorize the app draw.

8. Music Editor

There are tons of apps on the Play Store but this music editor is my favorite. I trim and merge audio for all of my projects. I enjoy the fact that the entire interface is flat and simple. It’s not overly complicated and it’s extremely easy to use.

9. Jotform

Form creation is important if you are trying to rally up a group of people. I work a lot from my android which means that I need the right apps. Jotform allows me to customize and create a booking, or questionnaire forms right from your phone.

10.Enlight Pixaloop

There are many times when I take pictures that turn out pretty bland due to bad lighting. Enlight Pixaloop brings life to every picture I take. I can add amazing video motions, as well as cool effects With the anchor, path and freeze tools, you can enhance your photos without the grainy outputs or poor GIF. With the self-help tutorials, there is no way you can’t become an amazing image editor.

There is no need to choose between any of these apps. There is literally room for every single one. And the only real way to find your favorite is to try them all.

Review of Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Are you interested in learning to code for android based devices? Do you prefer to learn on your own, at your own pace and in the comfort of your own environment? Well then, you have come to the right place, because up for review in this article is an excellent book on the subject written for both the beginner and the professional looking to add to their bag of coding tricks.

There are a lot of great courses on programming out there and it’s always great to have the support that an instructor and classroom can provide when you’re learning something new. However, the advantages of going the self-taught route are abundant and many people prefer the benefits of learning on their own. For one, you’ll be making your own schedule, so you can fit this course in anywhere you have free time on your calendar. It’s also just a small one time purchase price instead of some of the more costly instructor led courses offered online. You can even build your own support by surrounding yourself with other programmers or joining the online coding community, if you have questions along the way in your solo journey.

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide is an excellent book to get you started. It’s really practically an entire course in itself. Right from the start, you get a practical introduction to key concepts and as you progress you will be learning by doing, or rather creating. You’ll get to code your own apps as you progress through each chapter in the book. Everything from apps that let you browse photos or track your jogging route to even one that is designed to catalog crime scenes. And each project you’ll work on was made specifically to give you a range of experiences in programming for Android devices. At the time of writing this article it is currently $33.16 on Amazon. That’s cheaper than some course application fees! So, for about the price of drinks and popcorn at a movie theater, you can learn the fundamentals of Android App development and all on your own schedule to boot.

Whether you want to learn to code your own Android apps or you’re looking to enhance your current programming skills, Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide is a great resource and thorough introductory course. With real world examples and its hands-on approach to learning, you’ll quickly get up to speed on all things Android programming and develop an excellent foundation from which you can build as you gain more and more experience coding on your own. With all the knowledge and benefits you’ll get from this book, it’s well worth the relatively small upfront investment.

Favorite Google Watch Apps

feature image for Favorite Google Watch Apps

The smartwatch has come a long way since it’s initial introduction into our lives. It is no longer merely just a timepiece that also happens to be able to make phone calls and sync with your mobile calendar. It is fast becoming a necessary addition to our arsenal of daily tech items required to get us through the day. With the right apps, not only can it help our day run more seamlessly, but it can make our smartphones work a lot more efficiently, as well.

From our daily commute to and from work to a last minute trip to the grocery store, we can end up putting a lot of strain on our devices and the addition of a few great apps can really benefit your productivity as well as your overall enjoyment of these devices. To help you out, I’ve put together a list below of some of my favorite Google Watch apps.

Google Maps

Source: Google Play

For most people, this will be one of your most used apps. From getting directions to meeting up with your friends to checking out what the neighborhood has to offer in terms of food and entertainment, this app packs a lot of great information into a tiny package on your wrist.

Wear Casts

Source: Google Play

If you have a long commute or even if you just have some spare downtime, listening to podcasts can really help the time go by while learning something new or just getting a good dose of entertainment in before you go back to your routine. This app is great and lets you download content for use offline, as well, which will greatly help with your battery’s longevity throughout the day.

Gesture Launcher

Source: Google Play

This one I don’t hear about often, but it’s a super fun shortcut app and can save you some time. The way it works is that you will draw a symbol on your watch face to open up whichever app that symbol represents. For example, if you want to record a quick memo you can draw the letter R to open up the app. This is especially useful in situations where you don’t really want to use the voice assistant but you also want to quickly access an app.


Source: Google Play

So you’re heading home and forgot to pick up that last ingredient in tonight’s dinner when you did the grocery shopping earlier in the week. No big deal, except you also forgot your store saver card. With this app you can store your savings and rewards cards right on your watch. As an added bonus, you’ll look like a time traveler every time you use your watch to pay or use this app to access your rewards card!

Find My Parked Car

Source: Google Play

Being in such a rush to get to the grocery store to pick up that radish for tonight’s stir fry, you forgot where you parked the car! Well fear not, because you have your smart watch and the Find My Parked Car app. Technology really makes life a breeze, doesn’t it.

What are you waiting for? Give these apps a try and join us in the future already! The great thing is that these are just some of the apps out there, there’s even more that can help depending on your needs. What are some of your favorite apps for your smartwatch?